Goal -
The goal of Bomber Tanks is to get rich! Earn 'Gold' by playing Arcade Mode or defeating others in VS Combat. If your fort is destroyed, you lose all of your Gold, so spend Gold to build your fort and make it strong. Anyone can attack anyone!
Arcade Mode -
Drive your Tank around several mazes in search of Gold, Weapons, or other treasures. You get +5000 Points for each maze you complete. Mazes can be completed in any order as you find random exits throughout. You only get one life! Points are converted to Gold upon the game ending. Gold can also be earned based upon how many Weapons you have saved or found, how many Keys you found, how many Tanks you destroyed, and other methods. Get that Gold!
- Pause the game to equip Weapons that you have found.
- Use Keys to unlock Locked areas. You may not be able to open all doors you come across!
- Use Fire Weapons to break Ice Blocks. Use Ice Weapons to break Fire Blocks.
Attack Mode -
Spend Gold to send an army of Tanks to attack anyone you want! You can earn big bucks if you can kill the other player during combat or take all of their gold if you destroy their fort! Pay attention to your battle reports when they come in after a player has done battle with your forces to see how much damage you did, and how much power they have left. You can attack a player as many times as you want and send them up against the ropes! Take them out before they repair their Fort!
Defense Mode -
If your Fort is under attack, you cannot use any other menus. You must go on defense. You can use any Weapons you have saved from Arcade Mode to defend yourself. The enemy tanks will keep coming until you have defeated all of their forces, or you are dead.
Fort Builder -
Keeping your Fort strong is important if you want to keep all your Gold. Add blocks to build your defenses. You can pick from any existing Template. Picking a new Template will erase your current set up.
Extras -
Just some extra stuff to enjoy. Top Scores. Richest Tanks. Etc. Attack those Richest Players so you can earn tons of Gold!
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